The Importance of Brushing Your Tongue

The Importance of Brushing Your Tongue

Brushing and flossing your teeth daily can reduce the risk of developing cavities and dental diseases. However, Dr. James Kellam says that brushing your tongue is just as beneficial when it comes to eliminating bacteria living in your mouth. Actually, brushing your tongue can be beneficial and is necessary to ensure good dental hygiene.

Reasons for Brushing your Tongue

The tongue has fissures and elevations where bacteria tend to accumulate. It can be the perfect environment for them to grow. Eventually, they form microfilm on the tongue. When this happens, you may experience frequent or chronic bad breath. Lack of proper intervention can result in issues that affect both you and the people around you. But failing to remove these harmful microorganisms from the surface of the tongue not only increases the risk of having bad breath but also of developing cavities. You can’t rinse the bacteria off and mouthwash just won’t cut it. Regular brushing of the tongue is an effective way of cleaning your tongue and removing this living biofilm and odor-causing bacteria.

Avoid Bad Breath and More

If you are experiencing more frequent bad breath after adding brushing your tongue to your oral hygiene regimen, you may need to consult with a professional. Bernardsville Dental Care offers a variety of services to help address dental problems including bad breath. Since there are a number of factors that cause bad breath an experienced Bernardsville, NJ dentist can help you determine the cause and offer the necessary treatment. Schedule your appointment for a checkup today.