Looking for a safe and simple way to brighten up your smile? With Philips Zoom!®, you can have an award-winning smile in just 45 minutes. Like the name implies, it’s fast with results. In-office teeth whitening has never been easier.

How it Works

The Philips Zoom!® white speed light-activated whitening system combines a gel and light treatment. It effectively removes red wine, coffee, tea, cola, yellowing and tobacco stains. The advanced LED light technology and gel work together to remove stains without causing any damage to the tooth enamel. With the combined pH booster in the whitening gel, you can achieve dramatic results in just one office visit. Will it work for you? The simple answer is yes. Just keep in mind that results vary if your teeth are gray stained from chemicals or medications. We’ll determine the proper level of whitening during your Personalized Shade Assessment.

Philips Zoom!® is truly one of the best professional whitening systems. It’s clinically proven to deliver over 50 percent better results than other whitening systems.

If you’re seeking a teeth whitening treatment that will provide you with a celeb smile, be sure to schedule a visit at Bernardsville Dental Care. The results are absolutely amazing and also long lasting, so you’ll be sure to leave with a ‘new’ smile!

A beautiful, sparkling smile can give you a whole new outlook on life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for Philips Zoom!® whitening!

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