Crowns are cosmetic restorations designed to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth. There are many reasons a crown placement may be warranted. Most common indications include genetic predispositions where the teeth naturally grow misaligned, and where trauma is present. In addition, root canal treated teeth often become brittle and fracture easily, unless they are protected by a crown restoration.

The crown protects the visible part of the tooth and is cemented in place with sturdy material. A well-designed and placed crown should last anywhere from 5-30 years depending upon patient home care and oral habits. Each crown is specifically fabricated to match the existing dentition and the occlusal plane. It typically takes two visits to complete the process. Temporary crowns are placed over the treated teeth until the permanent restorations are delivered. As the crowns are fabricated by the dental technician, patients are advised to implement meticulous care at home until the crowns are placed.

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