Benefits of Water for your Oral Health

Benefits of Water for your Oral Health

Water is one of the biggest contributors to life. As humans, we are sixty percent water and our bodily needs reflect this. We need water to support strong healthy muscles, optimal bodily functions, and supple glowing skin. We simply can’t live without it. Water is like liquid gold t our bodies. Most of us understand how essential water is to our health but few understand how important water is for our teeth. Dr. James Kellam of Bernardsville Dental Care is committed to teaching patients the many benefits of water.

How Water Affects Your Oral Health

Water cleans our teeth by dislodging food particles and washing away bacteria. It also helps us maintain strong healthy teeth because it’s rich in calcium, phosphorous, and fluoride. The nutrients protect our teeth from cavities and help our teeth to become strong. Water also helps to alleviate dry mouth which is extremely beneficial when it comes to preventing tooth decay.

The Bernardsville, NJ dentist and his team want patients to understand that water has holistic benefits for the entire body, including their teeth. Sipping water, instead of other sugary drinks, provides vital hydration without harmful sugar. This nutrient-rich miracle liquid has positive benefits for bodily functions and oral health.

Benefits of Water with Fluoride

As a general rule, yes. It is best to drink water that has added fluoride. There are studies now that reveal how two communities faired in relation to fluoride. Those who drank fluoridated water had fewer cavities and dental issues than communities who did not. Fluoride is beneficial for preventing cavities from occurring in the first place.

Do you suffer from dry mouth? Are you sure you are getting enough water on a daily basis? If you have questions about hydration and your teeth, or other dental conditions please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here for YOU!