Financial Information

Commitment to Excellence

The cost to the patient of dental therapy in part depends on whether and what type of insurance is available. Almost all insurance companies cover preventive care including regular exams, X-rays and prophylactic cleanings. Regular fillings to replace and prevent further decay are also covered with little or no financial involvement of the patient.

Because of the annual limit (cap), patients may choose to schedule their treatment around available coverage. While understandable, it is important to recognize the potential risks inherent in delaying treatment. To help patients make the best decision at the right time, we offer free insurance confirmation, as well as counseling on how best to structure treatment to accommodate any financial issues or concerns.

We have many different payment plans available to accommodate our patients. We accept most major credit cards. We will diligently work with you to structure a plan that works for you.

Our practice makes every effort to ‘go the extra’ for you, both in terms of quality and affordability of treatment. Please, call us at your convenience to discuss any concerns, or to learn more about the many options we offer. Our goal is to work with our patients and create long-lasting relationships.

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