Dental restorations often referred to as fillings include gold, amalgam, composite and porcelain. Most popular are the composite resins as they closely mimic the color of natural teeth and are less expensive than porcelain or gold restorations. Durable and long-lasting, composite fillings are now the most favored dental restorations.

Composite fillings were typically used to improve the aesthetics of anterior teeth but, thanks to advanced technology, they are now being implemented on posterior teeth as well. Superior materials are placed to withstand mastication (chewing), oral habits and speech patterns.

Depending on the tooth structure, various methods of tooth restoration can be implemented. Minor fillings can be placed within one visit. Complex restorations (e.g. porcelain inlays, onlays and veneers) requiring extensive repair may necessitate several visits. The treatment consists of taking impressions and creating the perfect fit of porcelain with the help of the dental technician.

The patient’s health history and oral habits are taken into consideration while the treatment plan is created. Good oral habits, such as daily tooth brushing and flossing affect the dentist’s ability to, in good conscience, recommend permanent restorations such as crowns.

Our office offers convenient payment options to ensure affordability does not get between you and the care you want and deserve.

The process begins with an initial exam, a set of X-rays and a consultation with the dentist who will create the treatment plan specifically designed for your needs. Our patients are always educated about all options permitting them to make a fully informed decision.

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