Office Visits

Commitment to Excellence

All members of your family are welcome to join our practice. We are dedicated to providing every patient with gentle care, professional advice and a safe, comfortable environment. From your first visit our goal is to create a positive patient-doctor relationship based on listening to your goals and concerns. Your health history is viewed in detail, then a comprehensive exam, including digital X-rays, is performed. In some cases, study models may be created to properly assess your needs and create a well-designed treatment plan that will benefit you now, and over the long-term.

Depending on your present oral health situation, different types of X-rays may be recommended. Periapical radiographs are taken when we need to observe the entire tooth including the apex and understructure of the teeth. Bitewing X-rays show inter-proximal decay and are taken to detect any abnormalities of the posterior teeth. Panorex or Panellipse X-ray is used to view the entire oral region including impacted wisdom teeth and jaw alignment. At your first visit, we typically recommend a full mouth series to let us closely observe and note any dental discrepancies, and to provide you with a complete picture of proposed therapy.

The initial visit is often followed by a prophylactic cleaning to establish a positive oral flora. Once the oral area is healthy and free of debris, we schedule visits based upon your specific treatment plan. For your convenience, consecutive appointments are arranged to ensure full completion of the treatment within a reasonable period of time. Pediatric patients are usually first scheduled for a cleaning to gently introduce them to the dental environment and our friendly Team. We have found that many anxieties can be alleviated by implementing this method of therapy for children.

From your first visit our goal is to establish a positive relationship based on trust and respect for your wants and needs. We are committed to ongoing patient education about home care and the newest advances in dental technology. Our patients are secure and confident in the knowledge that they can expect nothing less than the best a modern dental practice can offer. We make every effort to accommodate our patients, as we strive to continually exceed their expectations of quality and comfort.

After all, you’re the reason we’re here!

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